Havasu Falls, Az

Havasu Falls can be found deep in the stunning Havasu Canyon in Arizona. A 2 mile hike from the village of Supai, which in itself is an 8 mile hike from the Hulalapai Hilltop Trailhead. This is not a day trip and takes extensive planning.
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* all pictures my own unless otherwise indicated 

Havasu Falls

Rounding that final corner and catching our first, breathtaking, sight of these magnificent Falls, we were simply blown away. It made the past 5 hours (10 miles) of hiking worth it. Well worth it. We forgot how footsore and weary we were and just stood in awe at the beauty we had come to see.

The crystal clear, blue green waters, enticed us down to join the people already enjoying them!

……but I have to tell you, they were some determined folks! That water is freezing!

Very refreshing to paddle and rinse your face, but Lord alone knows how they managed to strip down and swim in that water even just a quick splosh took my breath away!

Havasu Falls
Havasu Falls

Although there were quite a few folk around, it wasn’t crowded or noisy. We were still able to feel some peace as we rested and just took in the beauty surrounding us

Havasu Falls
Havasu Falls
Havasu Falls

I could sit here and wax lyrical all day long about these specatular falls! By I am not gong to try and impress you with my amazing list of adjectives….there are enough other websites and blogs out there that are dedicated to describing at length the sights you will experience here.
Let me just assure you that, as a truly unseasoned hiker, this was SO worth the time, energy, aching muscles and planning that went in to it.
I literally could have just sat and gazed upon these Falls for hours but eventually Iain got hungry!


Havasu Falls
Havasupai is roughly translated as “The people of the blue-green waters,” which refers to the beautiful turquoise color of Havasu Creek. The color of the water is the result of having been stored underground – in limestone caverns or aquifers – for as much as 30,000 years. While underground, the water leaches out minerals, primarily calcium and magnesium, from the limestone. These minerals saturate the water and reflect sunlight, making the water a turquoise color.
Havasu Falls
Havasu Falls
Havasu Falls

* not my picture



The Havasu Falls Campsite is just a short way on from the Falls themselves. You can pitch a tent, or a hammock, and rest easy next to the stunning turquise waters.


We had chosen to stay in the Lodge in Supai Viallge but seeing this kind of made me wish we’d made the effort to camp – who am I kidding!

There are more Falls further down the trail from here for those of you with any strength left in your legs!

Mooney Falls and Beaver Falls are somewhat more difficult to get to and probably require a far more adventurous soul than mine! When I read this about Mooney Falls; The fun part (and scary part) of this waterfall, though, is getting to its base, I figured that Havasu Falls was probably enough fabulousness for one day. Then this description of Beaver Falls; It involves a few creek crossings (which could be up to waist deep), and one descent down a steep section in which you need to repel down using a rope, cemented the deal. It was time to head back to the Village for dinner and some rest!

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