My name is Bea and I’m addicted to waterfalls!

….but seriously. Waterfalls are my addiction. I can never get enough of them. Wherever we go, wherever we ride, I’m always researching to make sure I can get in my waterfall fix!

I love them so much, I even hiked the Havasupai Trail to see the spectacular Havasupai Falls. Twelve miles in the heat. Longest hike I’ve ever taken – by about 10 miles. But, oh boy, it was so worth it when we finally reached the Falls 🙂

I could quite literally just sit and spend hours watching waterfalls. The power, energy and strength of the water as it flows, tumbles or literally crashes down never fails to have me totally enthralled.

I have walked behind waterfalls, driven behind and ridden a bike behind waterfalls.

I have looked down with fear from the top and gazed up in awe from the bottom of waterfalls.

So, you see, I really am addicted to waterfalls.

I have been taking pictures of waterfalls for years. Some have turned out pretty  good. Some a bit disappointing.

This past week I just invested (quite a few $$$s) in a new camera and hope that my future posts will be more impressive for you. in the meanwhile, please enjoy these spectacular views 🙂

Lake Sequoyah Dam Falls


At 604 miles long, Hwy 64 is the longest numbered route in North Carolina and snakes through the NC mountains, by waterfalls, through gorges and some cool small towns. Beginning in Franklin, NC., the first 40 miles is part of the Mountain Waters Scenic Byway. This post covers the 18 mile stretch between Franklin and Highlands, an exhilerhatingly twisty ride that is both scenic and thrilling ~ if you can ride it in low traffic season!

One great biking road, two good hikes, SIX beautiful falls!

Cullasaja Falls