The crossing to Sardinia was just an hour and the sea was as still as can be. We barely had time for a coffee and an ice-cream before we were hopping back on the bike and rolling down the ramp, back into Italy. But man it was HOT! We have to admit to breaking our ‘Golden Rule’ and making the two hour ride to our next AirBnB in Algherro, without our jackets on :/
Thankfully we arrived without incident and were soon happily ensconced on the patio of our latest AirBnB and enjoying some good wine in the company of our lovely friends, Jackie & Jason, who had flown in from England to spend a few days with us.
The bike was parked up and ready to enjoy her rest too!
Sardinia was all about relaxing. Originally, we had planned to take small explores in the morning and spend the afternoon/evenings with Jac & Jase but as it turned out, we were happy to take three days “off”. Give our bums a break and stay out of the blasting heat for a bit!
AIrBnB Sardinia
The first night, as we always do, we got over excited and over imbibed (!) so a day just chilling out at the AirBnB we were sharing was called for. It was a lovely setting, plonked right in the middle of an olive grove and made for a peaceful day! Nothing beats a lazy day, swinging in a hammock and just passing time with one of your very best friends 🙂
After a small excursion to the local supermarket, Jac and I cobbled together a nice dinner  which we ate “al fresco” and then, while the boys watched the football, we just chatted the night away (with wine of course!)
The next day, after a lazy start we all wandered down to the main town/beach area. While Jac and I bathed for a while and took a dip in the sea, the boys went off to find a place for us to watch the England game later in the day. What an event…England in the world cup quarter finals. Football fever was gripping even us non-football fans. When your home teams doing this well, they have to be cheered on!

We all took a little stroll through the fortified “Old Town” area before settling down to watch the game. The Sardinians sure believed in being well defended! With the cannons every few hundred feet and this bloody great sling shot, I’d have been thinking twice before trying to invade them!

It was a lovely area though, full of little alleys jammed with stores, bars and cafes. Lovely to walk through and imagine what it was like there in days gone by.

We did pass a bar where some Swedish fans were settling themselves ready for the match, but, in the interest of keeping relations harmonious, decided we should probably not watch it there!

What can I tell you about that game?!? Brilliant!
We connected with a family who were in the same AirBnb apartments as us and together we showed the Italians what supporting England means!
…there may have been a minor international incident when an older Italian lady took a dislike to our exuberance but who cares, she was paid up and on her way so just vacate your table lady and move on!
The texts were flying back and forth between Beth and I as the tension mounted and we grew closer to getting through to the semi finals. Poor girl was back in America and it was early morning plus she was facing the challenge of getting her American friends to understand what all the excitement was about…let alone having them quite know why she kept yelling out “its coming home!”
World Cup fever
World Cup fever
World Cup fever
When that final whistle blew and we were through, well, you can imagine the cheering that went on! Best performance in a World Cup for many many years. We can’t wait until Wednesday to watch the semi finals. Also, we will be in France on Tuesday when the French team plays in their semi final…imagine the fun if both teams get through to a France/England final – we will be on the ferry heading home from France to England so it would be brilliant fun!

(*post script ~ it’s not coming home! )

Back home again and watching the other quarter final match between Russia and Croatia I started to feel the excitement of the day (and maybe the wine), I struggled to stay awake as the game went into extra time but was determined to watch the penalty shoot out. Then Iain woke me up when it was all over! Oh well, you can be sure I won’t fall asleep on Wednesday!
Sunday dawned all too soon and it was time for Jac & Jase to leave. No worries though, we will see them again in just a couple of weeks so it wasn’t a sad goodbye! We spent another lazy hazy day in the garden. Iain catching up on some work and billing while I blogged and messed around with pictures.

I do feel that we missed out a bit on what Sardinia has to offer bikers but we seriously needed that down time after so long in the saddle. Plus, it was great just to ‘hang out’ with friends and have no agenda…just go with the flow, most unusual for us!

Olive Grove


Feeling refreshed and ready to ride, we were up before the sun the next morning and riding off to the ferry port where we boarded easily and settled in for the long seven hour sail back to France.

Seven hours on a ferry with a man who really doesn’t have good sea legs…this could be messy!

Corsica Ferries
Corsica Ferries

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