Like I said in my last blog post; “we do things differently” 🙂
So today I’m going back to front and leapfrogging over the blog that is due, about our trip to Falling Waters State Park, to tell you all about yesterday and why I have a new ride!

For a long while I’ve been having progressively worsening pain in my left foot when wearing bike boots, hiking boots or any close toed footwear. Obviously this wasn’t going to work well for the adventurous plans we have; more on those later 😉
So, I took myself off to see wonderful Dr Binh Ngyuen at  the North Tampa Happy Feet Podiatry office and two weeks later my alarm woke me up at 4.15am to get showered and ready for surgery. He’s a quick worker!
There were two areas that needed work; two toes and a bunion. The graphic description of the surgery given by Dr Ngyuen basically scared the crap out of me but needs must and I need to be in those bike and hike boots for a long time this summer. Not to mention all the other trips I have lined up in the planning area of my brain!
My loving husband, who has rudely taken to refering to me as “hammer toes” drove me to the Ambulatory Surgery Center, gleefully drinking his tea all the while knowing that I was suffering tea withdrawal! I have to tell you that the staff there were great. I didn’t have a chance to be nervous as I was checked in by a fellow Brit, Chris and introduced to lovely nurse Amelia who got me all settled and managed to insert my IV without me even flinching ~ and I am SUCH a baby when it comes to needles.I know, I know….I do it for a living! I can’t remember the name of the nurse who took me back, but she had great lipstick!
All in all, it was a good experience. Even though I technically slept through two and a half hours of it! Before I knew it I was waking up again, puking, which is normal practice for me after anasthesia, and heading home. Armed with more puke bags (too much detail?!?)
Back home the issue of bathroom trips popped up. I am supposed to be immobile for a week but you don’t quit peeing for a week do you! So Iain came up with the ingenious idea of…wait for it…my rolling office chair!

….and so I introduce to you, my new ride.
Not my usual style but it does the job 🙂
Oh…and my chauffeur!
My new ride
Now I have 6 weeks of recuperation ahead of me. 1 week in bed and then 2 more in a boot. Just not my classy boots that I’ve enjoyed wearing during this cold snap Florida’s been having! I should be back to full fitness by the end of February. Just in time for my number one to visit 🙂
I am surrounded by Apple products and have plans to overhaul some of the blog posts from Ecuador and get the pictures fixed so watch for updates on those.
Also, as stated earlier, I have a big trip to plan for this summer…
Ambulatory Surgery Center