Facebook; fays-book, noun
A social media facility without which an occurrence cannot become the truth until it has been announced

So I went ‘live’ with this fun new project of mine. It is fun now!
If you look back at my Blog Posts one and two you may wonder if I have finally lost the plot?!? But no, seriously folks, I’m really beginning to enjoy this blogging lark now 🙂
I am seeing progress. Seeing things come together. Not consuming quite as much wine to get it done (well, thats what I tell the hubby anyway!)
I guess you really are never too old to learn 🙂

Yesterday, I got all Mrs Clever Pants with myself and made a whole new Facebook page to link in to the website. I also figured out (all by myself) how to get the FB link to work on the website. Nearly had a major melt down though. I spent nearly two hours fixing up the new FB page. Making it look at least a tad interesting. Then I tried to figure out how to get the website to link to the FB page…….it looked like I could only link to my personal page!!! Well my dears, as much as I am hoping to make some new acquaintances and meet interesting folks via this blog, I don’t necessarily want open access to my personal FB page. I mean, it’s personal, right?!?!

Anyway, previously referred to smarty pants daughter thought she could help. That went downhill fast! I love her, I really do….but we don’t always work well together. Especially when I’m close to losing my tenuous link with sanity 😉
Well I finally made it work. I actually still have no idea how, so don’t be asking me technical advice!! It works and that’s all I care about!

I am on Facebook and I have friends, 128 at my last count. Thank you lovely folks for taking your time to have a look and to ‘like’ me again.
I say again because all the ‘new’ followers are already friends and family. But anyway, it makes me happy that you have had a peep at my new page and will hopefully take a bit of extra time to have a look around the website. A work in progress at the moment, my goal is to build it  up and fill it with info and pictures as we venture out further in to the world, sharing our experiences, the good and the bad and hopefully filling the pages with some stunning pics that make you all want to be there too 🙂

Our next big adventure is Ecuador Just 27 days until we leave. Lots to do and apparently clothes/shoes to condense down to a pannier bag….ha, ha, ha! I’ll be writing all about that, remember to follow me to see how that all works out 😉

End note; my beloved husband was working his butt off all weekend laying new flooring at the Birth Center, all the while I’m sat on my butt working on this website and blog. He didn’t blow his stack and I love him even more for that x