About Us

We are Bea & Iain, welcome to ‘our’ blog. I say ‘ours’ very loosely as most of the contribution will be from me (Bea). It will be Iains’ job to detail the technical (bike) stuff!

Originally from England; South Shields for Iain and Weymouth for me, we moved to Tampa, Florida eleven years ago. That was Phase II of our lifes journey.

Back in the UK, I was a midwife and worked in our local hospital. Iain was recently retired from the army (Light Dragoons) after serving 24 years.
We came to Tampa to buy a Birth Center!

Birth Centers are facilities staffed by Midwives. Women go to them to have their full prenatal care and birth their babies. It is an out of hospital birth facility for those seeking all natural birth with no interventions. For more info on our birth center visit; www.laboroflovetampa.com

After eleven years of fun, love, laughter and occasional tears in the birth world, we are making plans to move on.
Phase III of or journey is ready to begin. Join us along the way as we share our journeys and adventures with you all.

Although we have some adventures lined up for this year and 2018, our eventual goal is for a somewhat nomadic lifestyle. We will be hitting the road with our truck, loaded up with Iains bikes, and hauling the travel trailer we will be living out of!


Iain has always been an avid biker. His current and favorite ride is the BMW R1200GS 
I have learnt to enjoy riding pillion and indulging in my passion of photography along the way!

Falling Waters State PArk

He also has some crazy moments when he goes ‘off roading’ on his DRZ 400S.
Usually I will take myself off for a hike while he does this and hope he comes home in one piece!
We also have a couple of 4x4s which provide some great fun on the OHV trails with visiting friends!


It is my job on our adventures to find the fun routes. To get us off the continuous pavement, along the routes I incorporate some hikes.

Most of the time, these will be a short aside. Occasionally they will be the final destination.

Waterfalls are my obsession. My addiction! I will practically plan whole trips around waterfalls. The majestic beauty, power and energy of the water always holds me spellbound.

I will always make a waterfall part of any trip we do. Whether it be a quick stop off along the way or the ultimate ending to a long hike.


The aim of this blog is take you on our journeys and adventures with us. We want to share with you some of the more exciting and fun to ride bike roads. Not just in America but all over the world. I will share details of hikes. Giving the lowdown on how accessible, long, hard etc they are and the pictures I have take of the wonderful places we find.

This journey will be trial and error. Just as everyone does these days, we research everything before we start/purchase/go. I will share with you our hits & misses and maybe this will save you some time and money when its your turn to embark on your adventure!

……..why am I such a ‘techno fud’?!?!

Techno fud; tec-no fud, adjective One who hasn't a damn clue about what he/she is doing on a computer So I decided to start a blog. How hard can it be? I thought to my sweet delusional little self! I have the idea, I have a plan for subject content, I have the...

…….by golly folks, I think I’m getting it!

Fantabuloso; fan-tab-you-low-sow, adjective Describes something that is both fantastic and fabulous. With a Spanish twist to it so the speaker sounds smarter than he or she actually is. It is said with a rhythm to it i.e. fantabu-lo-so, or with a posh accent i.e....

…….it must be real, it’s on Facebook 😉

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……..I’m back!!

Happy weird period between Christmas and New Year where you're not really sure what's going on or what day it is! When we lived in England, this was a pretty laid back week, dedicated to relaxation, eating, drinking and spending time with friends and family. It was...

………we do things differently!

Now, it has been said that we are a bit different...especially to some of our American friends, but even I can see how backwards our latest adventures have been! After 11 years of living in Tampa, and as we start to see our great Florida escape plan coming together,...

……I got a new ride!

Like I said in my last blog post; "we do things differently" 🙂 So today I'm going back to front and leapfrogging over the blog that is due, about our trip to Falling Waters State Park, to tell you all about yesterday and why I have a new ride! For a long while I've...

…..back to Falling Waters State Park

  .....I got freedom and upgraded my wheels! Have you ever watched 'Grace and Frankie'? Hilarious Netflix original series with Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda. If you haven't seen it you need to! Channeling my inner Grace, (you need to watch Season 4, Episode 6 to...

…..13 is not a bad number!

.....today is a great day; after 4 weeks of being restricted to using my (admittedly wonderful) soaker tub, I was finally able to stand unassisted and enjoy a good shower! One more week of the pins in and then I should be getting back on track and ready to ride and...

….I’m getting so organized!

...shit’s getting real folks! The bike is now booked on the transport ship – along with a fun night out in Savannah – and that makes it feel like this is really happening now! I have spent hours and hours, very literally (being immobile after surgery paid off),...

ATV fun; side blog…!

Marcus is here! Hip hip hooray! Marcus, aka "the boy", is our 26yr old son who is currrently living in the UK with his girlfriend Charly. They arrived a week ago and we've just been enjoying our time together, relaxing, catching up and doing some fun things. One of...

Europe 2018








Follow our posts as we prepare for our 13 week tour of Europe that starts in May 2018!