• 2 mile round trail
  • Approx 30 mins each way
  • Easy trail with gentle incline
  • Need appropriate footwear
  • Muddy in places
  • Rough wooded trail
  • Shaded/Cool
  • Not wheelchair/pushchair accessible
  • OK for younger children to walk

The entrance to this trail head is almost directly opposite the Moccasin Creek State Park campsite. Follow the dirt road for ½ a mile to the parking area – this is the end of this ‘road’ but not marked as the parking area. There are no facilities here. The only indicator that you are in the right place is a huge rock with ‘Hemlock Falls Trail’ carved in to it.


The trail starts out with a gentle incline on a wide dirt path. It follows along side Moccasin Creek and there are a few photo worthy spots and smaller ‘falls’ along the way.
As you go further along, the path narrows and becomes rougher but stays at a gentle incline with the exception of a couple slightly steeper areas.

There are a couple of spaces where you can get down to the river and splash a bit!


The path is heavily shaded and so was a comfortable and not too strenuous hike.

Approximately ½ way along, a well constructed wooden bridge takes you across the river and you continue on to the falls.
There were a few muddy areas, still pretty wet even in July so expect these to be heavier mud if visiting in rainier months.

As you come across the Falls themselves, you reach a flat, cleared area that has been used for camp fires and maybe some camping. The fire was full of trash which was disappointing to see however, it was tidy and contained in the firepit and not all strewn over the space. Hopefully this is cleared regularly.

The Falls are relatively small but still pretty and make for good photos. They tumble over a broad, rocky cliff into a calm, shallow pool area which is perfect for paddling/swimming in and cooling off. This was a very safe area for children to wade/swim in (supervised of course!). A great photo op is to wade across to the falls and have a snap taken in front or on the rocks to the side.

The sandy ‘beach’ area is perfect for a picnic or just to sit and enjoy the waterfall!

It is possible, with a bit of sure footed climbing, to get above the falls and look down from there but we didn’t try this out!

To return, just follow the path back along and enjoy the scenes from a different angle!

This trail is not marked along the way but it is very obvious where the path is and would be almost impossible to lose your way! It is lightly trafficked, we went mid July and came across only 5 others groups/couples although there was a small school group returning as we set off.

Taking this trail/hike was a last minute decision. On the day we went I had been woken early (3am) by a ‘butt dial’ from our daughter in the UK. So I was feeling pretty grumpy. Additionally, our calves were screaming at us from a climb we did the day before; see my post on Amicalola Falls!
We passed a school party on their way back so I was worried we’d be sharing the trail with a bunch of ‘excitable’ (hollering!) kids but that was the only big party 🙂
The trail wasn’t busy at all and we were lucky to arrive just before a family and were able to get some clear shots of the Falls before the kids began wading!