First off, I need to explain that this page is not for the hardened hiker. If you’re looking for day/week/month long hikes, thank you for coming but this page is not for you. I wish you fun out there!

The picture above is from the top of the Havasu Falls Trail. The most exerting hike I’ve done (& probably ever will do).

It was a wonderful experience and the waterfall rewards at the end were simply beyond words.

However, lets be real, I’m not you’re average hiker. Most of my ‘hikes’ are going to be 1-4 miles 🙂

What I can promise is an honest account of each hike/trail from your average girls point of view 🙂

I’m not a fit chick. You won’t see me bouncing around with an attractive, healthy glow. Neither am I a couch potato. I am used to a work out, I just don’t always look so hot when I’m out there working up a sweat along the trail!

You’ll need to famialiarise yourself with my own special descriptive vocabulary ~ see below!


Hemlock Falls Trail


Coming soon; Anna Ruby Falls Trail, Ga

Glenn Falls Trail, NC

Glenn Falls Trail

North Carolina

Ranger Falls, NC

Ranger Falls Trail

North Carolina

Beas’ Dictionary;

  • Wibbly ~ an undulating path that twists and turns
  • Wibbly Windy ~ an undulating path that twists and turns – a lot
  • Gentle climb (or descent) ~ you may start to perspire a bit but you should be able to breathe easily
  • Moderate climb (or descent) ~ there’s going to be sweating and ou will probably start to breath hard
  • Steep climb (or descent) ~ Definitely going to get a wet shirt and be tough to breath. Need to stop to rest often.
  • Freaking Steep ~ Probably shouldn’t do it!!

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