Techno fud; tec-no fud, adjective
One who hasn’t a damn clue about what he/she is doing on a computer

So I decided to start a blog. How hard can it be? I thought to my sweet delusional little self!
I have the idea, I have a plan for subject content, I have the memories, the pictures, the vision etc etc…
The hardest part (or so I thought) was finding a name. Finally, I even had that. I was ready to launch!

Following the instructions from my lovely new friends at NOMADasaurus – excellent adventure travel blog, please go and visit them – I sat down, with the recommended drink, imagining that in just over an hour I’d be the proud publisher of an all singing, all dancing, amazing and informative travel blog!

Hmmmm, let me see how that’s turned out. First up, Jarryd & Alesha, this is more than a two drink project 😉
I have the basics. Completed all steps as instructed. Paid the fees where needed (not too damaging to the purse). There were a couple small hiccups along the way. I was very graciously helped by online chats with the lovely people at Siteground – they didn’t laugh at me. Well, not as far as I knew anyway!

So why now, at 24 hours post starting point, do I still not have an up and running blog?!?!

There’s an ‘About Us‘ page – that only took about 4 hours to get right! Also I have the beginnings of a ‘Home Page‘. Well, one picture anyway! And now I have my first ‘blog post’. I just don’t know if anyone’s ever going to see it! My precious daughter came up with this wonderful suggestion; “why don’t you watch some of the instruction videos”. Bitch! She thinks she’s so smart. Just because she’s a ‘Communications‘ Major (whatever the hell that is)!

So this is what I am going to do now. Watch videos to learn how I am ever going to get this amazing blog of mine in the public eye 🙂

Just cooling down with my Sangria!

End Note; If you’re reading this it must mean I finally succeeded. Maybe I’m not too old to learn 😉