We are one week in already. The “Great European Adventure” has finally begun, but not without a few hiccups!
Despite months and months of almost military precision planning, we have learnt that flexibility is a wonderful form to embrace!

As we waved farewell to the baby girl and flew out from Florida, we still weren’t certain if the bike was ever going to make it to the UK. Despite dropping her off to be shipped 5 weeks prior, we actually beat her there. It’s been a long and convoluted story, dotted with various strongly worded emails and some angry phone calls, during which I learned some new curse words (!)

Eventually, and not without a great deal of hard work from the amazing David, the receiving agent at Shippio, we were able to collect her two days later and start getting her set up for the long ride ahead.

I thought I’d packed so carefully with all eventualities, stop overs and weather taken into account. However, on arriving at our friends, where we were staying for four days, it was soon evident that we’d need to go sock shopping. Bearing in mind that we dressed on Tuesday morning and this was now Wednesday evening…Iain’s socks nearly walked by themselves and I’d forgotten to pack him any! Hurrah for your local Sainsburys wink


Sock crisis averted, we spent a lovely evening just catching up with Jac & Jase and meeting their wonderful granddaughter, Lilly. If you can order your grandkids, I want one just like her! Of course, first nights with friends that you haven’t seen for a while, generally result in being led astray and raging hangovers the next morning.
Pounding head aside, the next day we spent a lovely couple of hours meeting up with Marcus (son), his fiancé Charly and our fur-grand-baby Sky.
On the way back from theirs, we diverted down to Northampton and FINALLY reunited with the bike. A better sight has never been seen than when they opened that crate and we saw her there! Iain was so happy to be back with his 2nd love! He really enjoyed the ride back up to Bourne and was a happy, happy man that night!
Just a lazy day on Friday, which included a lovely pub lunch at a cute place called “The Wicked Witch” in Ryhall. We enjoyed sitting out in the beer garden and enjoying the weather we’ve been blessed with. We took a wander round the old town of Stamford with it’s 17th & 18th century buildings and seeing the shop names bought back some memories!

As explained in my last post, it was a plane ride to France for me instead of the ferry as planned. Landed in La Rochelle to be told that dad was doing fine but he wasn’t allowing visitors! Well bloody hell, doesn’t he know I’ve travelled half way round the world to see him! Had to respect his wishes though and I actually do understand. I hate visitors when I’m sick too and apparently, he gets upsets when we leave. However, I was able to talk with him a couple of times and was encouraged by how well he was sounding.

*as I write this, he just arrived home. A little frailer then when I last saw him but looking good considering 🙂

So yesterday was my first day in France and it was business as usual…a lot of wine drunk and too much food eaten. I really haven’t got off to a good start with my intentions of keeping to the Keto diet we’ve been following. All went downhill from day one when Jac got the bread out!
I did manage a bit of exercise and took myself off for a little stroll around the village before we all set off to the local bar, imaginatively named, “Le Bar”, where we enjoyed a great roast dinner.

Today was an exciting day. Dad was due to be discharged from hospital and Iain was due to arrive (2 days early due to ANOTHER plan change!)
It didn’t get off to a very good start though. Before leaving Iain, I had fixed our phones to “Find My Friends” so we could track each other. I sent him a “good morning” text and tried to track him. He should have arrived in St Malo already. “Unable to find”, was the message I received. What? He’s only been in the country 5 minutes and he’s got himself lost!
…and no response to my texts either. What has he done already?!?
The morning went by, Dad arrived home and still nothing seen or heard from Iain. I messaged the kids to say that even iTracker couldn’t find their father, so I was giving it until 2pm when I would open the whiskey (there’s plenty here) and check out the insurance policy. Marcus said “fair enough”. Beth ignored me! Apparently she was asleep, I forget the 6 hour time difference!
It didn’t get to that though. Soon I heard the purring of a bike and sure enough, rolling magnificently up the drive was my man cool

Never did work out what he’d done to be so unconnected but he’s here now and we are all relaxing in the sun, shooting the breeze and catching up.

We plan to spend a couple of days here, celebrate mums 70th birthday on the 24th and have (French) Mother’s Day breakfast together this Sunday before we head off across France and up into the Alps; woo hoo!!

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