Arriving in Bari the next morning was all very uneventful, we just upped and rolled into Italy, along with several other bikers, hitting the Interstate for the first hour just to get some miles under our belt!

We came off the main highway and after a quick gas up and coffee break in a most questionable place; Iain had to come to the bathroom and stand guard for me (!), we headed into the hills to cross Italy to get to the Amalfi Coast.

Bari ferry
Bari ferry

It was an OK ride. Nothing very much to report really. Some fun roads but in poor condition so it made riding a bit more difficult. And dirty. Rubbish strewn everywhere 🙁
We did experience some temperature variation. It got down to 67 up in the hills but as soon as we got through them and got our first glimpse of the sea, it started to rise. By the time we reached our new home it was 89!


The road from Salerno through to Amalfi was beautifully scenic but a bit of a nightmare to ride. Being Saturday it was super busy and very slow. Crazy moped riders zipped in and out and it really was a bit of a free for all!
Eventually we made it up to our new AirBnb and were greeted with Prosecco; marvelous host!
After settling in I made myself comfortable out on the patio to enjoy the marvelous view 🙂

Amalfi Coast

Bearing in mind the traffic the day before, we were up and out bright and early the next day to explore along the coast line and capture the iconic Positano picture! It was already getting up there in the temperature but the roads were clearer and we were able to enjoy the twists and turns more as we climbed up and down, winding our way along the coast line.

Amalfi Coast
Amalfi Coast

As the day went on though, the roads traffic increased and things all got very interesting!
We took the “scenic route” to Sorrento, which basically means I missed the turn and we took the long way round, because I wasn’t concentrating but don’t tell Iain that, he was just enjoying the ride! It was very scenic though!

However, by the time we had criss crossed over to Sorrento and started to make our way back, the traffic was sheer madness. Cars, bike, mopeds and pedestrians, all acting like it was their turn to go…organized chaos and somewhat challenging for Iain. A few curse words escaped and I’m pretty sure some hand gestures were offered too!

Amalfi Coast
Amalfi Coast
Amalfi Coast
Amalfi Coast

Eventually we made it back unscathed and in time to get back to Gerrys Pub to watch England trounce Panama 6-1, yay!!! Funny thing, this pub is at the top of the Amalfi coast and at the end of a twisty road that actually ends at the pub…and yet, there were nine other Brits in there watching the game with us!

Amalfi Coast

That evening, I think we both agree, has to be the best evening that we’ve had yet! Back in Gerry’s Pub, we got caught up in a big party of Brazilians who were in Amalfi for a wedding! Such fun…if we hadn’t been VERY disciplined and knew we had a long day ahead the next day, it could all have gone terribly wrong!! To top it all, the bridegroom, himself a Brazilian, stated that he ranks England in the top three to win the World Cup. I think he was drunk!

All in all, it was a damn good way to celebrate being in Amalfi 🙂

Post note; I don’t know why I thought we were being disciplined, as my next post will explain!!

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