Fantabuloso; fan-tab-you-low-sow, adjective
Describes something that is both fantastic and fabulous. With a Spanish twist to it so the speaker sounds smarter than he or she actually is. It is said with a rhythm to it i.e. fantabu-lo-so, or with a posh accent i.e. fantabuloso, dahling.

So, it’s been three days and I think I’m finally getting the hang of this blogging/website building lark 🙂

It has taken many hours, a few glasses (bottles) of wine. I have more gray hairs BUT there is content there now. There are photos. I’m working on a cool layout. I’m even starting to enjoy it!

Poor husband is starving, but I think he may be secretly snacking on doughnuts as he isn’t complaining too much!
That smug daughter is still glowing that she had to advise ME on how to do something (see 1st blog post!)

In between the frustrated keyboard tap tapping, deleting and the occasional cursing – OK, I’ll be real, I may have taught said daughter some new curse words :0 – I have been to work and taken care of some lovely women getting ready to meet their babies, have received some disappointing news that required (another) bottle of wine and a huge revamp of our business plan. But now we’re back on track and hope to soon be able to travel more fantastic bike roads, take some cool hikes, see some stunning waterfalls and then follow them up by adding more reviews and content to the blog/site 🙂

However, finally, I think I’m ready to get it out there and share it with the world so please share this link and help me spread the info about the Bikes, Hikes and Waterfalls we’ve experienced and enjoyed on our travels 🙂
Now don’t rush off all excited to check it out expecting an all singing, all dancing, fantabuloso website! Please do go and look at it, but remember, this is a work in progress. You can get the idea of how it’s going to be and hopefully will keep checking back in to see how it’s coming along 🙂

It’s amazing what can be achieved in just three days!