DRZ 400

These are the rides that carry us to the adventures in this site/blog

The DRZ 400S is the bike that takes my adventurous and somewhat crazy husband through some challenging trails, off roading, up craggy hills,  down muddy paths and giving me more gray hairs than I really need!

The sweet BMW R1200GS carries us both on some amazing twists, turns, elevations and exhilerating rides.
She has taken us around the country and all over the States and allowed me to seek out the material that makes up this site!

First of all, you should know, I’m not your average ‘biker chick’! No disrepect meant ladies.

I don’t wear the ‘uniform’. Couldn’t imagine riding in just a vest, have no interest in the heavy boots and really can’t deal with the long hair, bandanas etc! Call me prissy but please don’t take offence – I’m just not badass 😉

I struggle to find comfortable protective gear that doesn’t annoy me while I’m riding and constantly battle with my husband about wearing ‘proper’ boots vs something I can walk in!

Wearing a helmet totally pisses me off. It’s a hair thing! However, I would NEVER be tempted to ride without one. I value the addled brain I have! The first thing I reach for when hopping off is my hairbrush 🙂

Also, I have no intention of ever learning to ride. I have no inclination to do so. I have occasionally toyed with the idea but when it comes to it, I just enjoy being ferried around and being free to enjoy the ride and the scenery around me 🙂
DRZ 400

Iain, on the other hand, lives to ride!

He was fairly late into riding, I guess around early 30s when he started.

Back when we lived in the UK he owned a Honda Transalp and the original Africa Twin. He also had a DR350 for going crazy on! The bikes had to be given up when we emigrated. I’m pretty sure the day they went was the first time I ever saw him cry!

Shortly after we arrived in Florida, he made up for the tragic loss of those bikes by grabbing a bargain for his first BMW 1200GS from a fellow Brit who was returning to England. This first one was recently replaced by a newer model BMW 1200GS and he has started looking at the newest released, watercooled and updated model.

We began exploring the States with some great friends and fellow BMW riders in 2010 and have traveled extensively since. We’ve ridden some truly astounding roads and ejoyed breathtaking scenery. I admit to having ridden a whole road (the Moki Dugway) with my eyes closed but in total honesty, I have never been truly scared while we’ve been adventuring. What does scare me is riding the I4 between Tampa and Orlando – scary shit. I have complete and utter trust and faith that Iain will keep us safe but, man, those other drivers…….!

Iain also ventures off road on the DRZ 400S. He really releases the tensions out on the trails. Gives me a heart attack when he tells me about his day and often needs a good Epsom Salt bath but he has fun and stays young!

We want to share with you our routes and rides.
Together, I hope we can bring you some interesting insights on rides around the States and, as we venture further, from South America and Europe.