July 2017

  • …….by golly folks, I think I’m getting it!

    Fantabuloso; fan-tab-you-low-sow, adjective Describes something that is both fantastic and fabulous. With a Spanish twist to it so the speaker sounds smarter than he or she actually is. It is said with a rhythm to it i.e. fantabu-lo-so, or with a posh accent i.e. fantabuloso, dahling. So, it’s been three days and I think I’m finally getting the…

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  • ……..why am I such a ‘techno fud’?!?!

    Techno fud; tec-no fud, adjective One who hasn’t a damn clue about what he/she is doing on a computer So I decided to start a blog. How hard can it be? I thought to my sweet delusional little self! I have the idea, I have a plan for subject content, I have the memories, the pictures, the…

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